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Friday, June 22, 2018

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Okay, so it's been a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time since I've posted anything to this blog, but this book has also been around for a LOOOOOOOOOONG time, so it's about even.

I used to mention Wolf-Killer on here, but it was always part of a saturated market. To that end, I've decided to put it out myself.
Here's the blurb:

Trained to hunt the wolves that kill local livestock, Amara is drawn to a remote village when she hears of a rogue wolf like the one that killed her grandmother and scarred her as a child. Her "Shadow," a creature with the abyss in his eyes and a man's mind to do a man's evil because there is a man controlling him. Together, the man and beast are Daci; the enemy of Amara's people.

But when she gets to the village, the cry for help is revealed to be a ruse by the Daci themselves, who are not as extinct as she believed them to be. She's kept in the home of the Daci elder, who makes her a deal - she can go free, if she can answer one question: "Why does she wear the red hood?"

No answer she gives seems to satisfy the man, so she plots her escape, but no matter where she goes, she's plagued by a silver she-wolf that seems to have sprung from her memories along with The Shadow. Worse, this village of strangers seems to be filled with the secrets of her past, and only unraveling the elder's riddle will reveal them.

The longer she's in the village, and the less reason she finds to fear her sworn enemies, the more the voices of her ancestors rage to be avenged upon them. Amara knows that if she doesn't complete the task set before her, something - someone - worse will see it done with vicious efficiency. The Shadow will return; the man will come with him, and no one will survive the two.

A dark, fantasy retelling inspired by Little Red Riding Hood, where red is the color of blood, the girl in the cloak isn't so little, and the wolves come with claws leave scars deep enough to cut beyond bone and into the soul.

And here's the LINK


Book #3 IS OUT!!!

Friday, April 28, 2017

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Book 3 of the Celestine series - RISE THROUGH THE STORM -  is up on amazon!!!

Release Day!!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

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Call Forth the Waves is the second book in The Celestine Series, continuing Penn's story as she seeks to reunite the members of her scattered circus family, discover the truth about her own existence, and find her missing father.

Excerpts are being featured on multiple blogs such as BrizzleLassBooks as part of a release day blog blitz.  

Here's the official blurb:

Earth, not so very long from now: the silent, inscrutable alien visitors who bathed the planet in transforming rains have moved on, leaving behind a world much changed.

Penn Roma, age sixteen, is blessed—or cursed—with supernatural talents she has always concealed. Her sisters, likewise afflicted, are prisoners of the Commission, the government agency tasked with controlling these strange children. Penn’s determination to save them only gains urgency when she learns of the horrifying plans the twisted Warden Dodge has for the peculiar charges.

But Penn herself must remain hidden, navigating a series of fantastical havens with her embattled allies, similarly enhanced teens also in the Commission’s crosshairs. Worse, her vast, half-understood powers have become unpredictable, failing at critical moments and activating outside of her control.
Can Penn trust a rogue warden, supposedly opposed to Dodge’s schemes, to help free her family…or has the Commission set its most nefarious trap yet?

One Week Later

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

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Sing Down the Stars is one week old!!!

I just wanted to drop a quick thank you to everyone who has read and reviewed the novel. It's amazing to see someone read my words and respond to them.



Tuesday, October 6, 2015

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(that is all)

Free Books pt.2

Monday, October 5, 2015

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Hey Guys.

I need some mailing addresses, so if the seven of you who posted on the first free books post will hit the email button and let me know where to mail your books to, I'll get them out ASAP.


Sing Down the Stars: Penn

Friday, October 2, 2015

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First things first: I ended up with more author copies than I expected, so I'm going to contact the people who - as of this post - have requested one and get their mailing addresses to send them out.

And now onto the day's post:

Sing Down the Stars goes live on Tuesday - YAY!!! And we've now made it to the final character introduction post, which features Penn, the main character.

Penn has grown up in a strange combination of an idyllic life, and a hard one. She loves her sisters and her extended Show family. She adores her father, and can't imagine any life other than the one she's had on the train. But it's a very sheltered existence. They're constantly on the move, traveling from one part of the country to another, yet she's never allowed to go beyond the boundaries of the camp set-up for the circus itself unless she's accompanied by her sisters.

Worse, she's not allowed to ever show her true face because she has to pretend to be a boy. Specifically, she must hide herself in the identity of her own fraternal twin - the brother she killed the night she was born, when it became clear that the power she'd been touched with was something terrifying. The only way to protect her was to claim that the girl twin had died that night and dress her up as the boy.

So while she's happy in the life she's lived, she's also grown with sorrow and regret for things that she can't control and didn't consciously cause. She can't stop mourning her brother because she steps into his shoes every day. She sees how her father created Klok to semi-replace him. She knows no one is allowed to speak the dead boy's name because it's bad luck - to the point that she's never ever heard it spoken.

She grieves for her mother, because her mother died of grief shortly after she was born. She grieves for herself because she wants desperately to be "Penelope" rather than "Penn," yet believes that suffering is her due penance for all these things she can't even remember doing.

And then suddenly, she's out on her own without her father and without her sisters to guide her actions. She's got her friends, but her identity is in flux because now it's Penn-the-boy who is a danger for them to be seen with. She has to find herself on the road, and she's not quite sure where to start looking.

Beyond that, all the certainties she'd built up about her life and her family begin to erode as she's exposed to outside influences. Her perspective changes, and as she learns more about the people she thought she knew, her image of herself begins to change as well. Her black and white world shades in with grey, giving it a new depth and new dark corners.

Her whole life, she thought she hated the Warden's Commission and the medusae and all of the factors that led to her being so different from the "mundane" people who frequent The Show, but the first, hardest lesson she has to deal with is the fact that she hates herself, more. She's terrified of herself and the destruction that follows her everywhere she goes, but the abilities she was touched with at birth are now the key to her survival, and that of her friends. They're her only means of finding her scattered family. Only, how is she supposed to wield a weapon she's never been allowed to use?