Trick or Treat

Thursday, November 1, 2012

3 Chiming In
But I should warn you, tricks will be repayed with interest.

For anyone not writing their NaNo novel today (WHAT ARE YOU DOING BLOG SURFING WHEN YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE WRITING?!?!?!)


So, last night the ghosties and ghoulies went about ransacking houses in search of candy (or in the case of one neighbor's house, sodas). It's quite convenient for them, as everyone's in costume, so they can always blame their little brother, older sister, or grandparents for any mischief, and no one can prove them wrong.

I apologize in advance for the number of photos in this post, but it's my blog so deal with it. :-P

I chose not to wear a costume. I put on my real school uniform and represented Hogwarts like a proud Ravenclaw, instead. (Don't give me that face. I have a wand and I know how to use it.)

Wait... is this thing on? Why am I sideways? Dang it. I swished when I should have flicked.

This was my house -- pre-invasion.

These are the ghostlies, standing sentry and preparing to scare off the oncoming horde.


This is the cattle chute / candy aisle.


This is Eddie, the butler, who guards the door to the house. Eddie's awesome. He's animatronic -- he breathes, he speaks, and his eyes and head move. Kids love him, and - true story - he even managed to freak out the police when they were patrolling our neighborhood before last night. I'd set him up on the porch and they thought there was a creepy man staring in the door. :-D

 This is my mom, handing out the goodies. That's totally her face. It's a little known fact that redheads have pumpkins for parents.


This is the hearse with the rising ghoulie in its coffin. (He's actually quite the chatterbox -- next year, no coffee for the dead guys.) And the haunted tree. And the haunted train with its waving skeleton and anti-social Dracula that refused to come out of his coffin. (The smokestack ghost was a total prima-donna - wouldn't come out of the grave for anything.)

But possibly the coolest thing of the night was the moment the police pulled up, blue and reds flashing as the officer started pulling kids over -- to treat them! It was cool and cute and I really wish the video I'd taken of it would work, but I can't get it to load.


All in all, lots of treats, very few tricks, and serious exhaustion. I hope you all had as much fun in your own neighborhoods.