DayQuil and Star Trek

Sunday, March 7, 2010

The title about sums it up, and from what I can tell, taking the former makes the later especially awesome. Not sure why.

I was one of those who expected this movie to be awful - most TV to big screen films are. This was mainly based on the promos of Kirk on an ice planet. (Kirk on Hoth did not compute in my nerdy nerd brain.) I was also one who immediately regretted that assessment.

Sure they rewrote some stuff, but it worked. And they sidestepped the biggest mistake that most TV-to-bigscreen endeavors make. They didn't try to copy the tone of the original. Had they tried to out camp Star Trek, this movie would have flopped before the Kelvin went Ka-blooey.

Now, if you'll excuse me, Scotty's just come on screen, and he's my favorite. :-)

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Kayeleen Hamblin said...

I wondered where you had gone! I hope you feel better.

Terry Towery said...

Nerd alert! Nerd alert!

Ahem. I, too, loved the new Star Trek movie. I believe we now own it. ;)

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