Sunday, May 23, 2010

Well, it's over. After 6 years of chopped up seasons to draw out the time to a snails pace, Lost ended its run last night with what, in my opinion, was one of the single best series finales ever done.

I know a lot of people are upset that they didn't get a "Lost for Dummies" kind of ending that explained every nuance in detail, and I'd have loved a few more answers myself, but the mysteries always took a back seat to the characters. The characters were what people tuned in to see; the mystery was just set dressing.

IMO, the surprise reunion between Sayid and Shannon was one of the single best moments ever. And Locke forgiving Ben was up there, too. I loved the exchange between Ben and Hurley where they complimented each other on being a great #1/#2.

Beautifully done, people. There was no better way to end it than for the whole thing to come full circle with Jack and Vincent in the bamboo forest.

My one real gripe was the "cast party" ending in the church. It was unnecessary and felt tacked on. Going full circle back to Jack's eye was perfect. We didn't need the saccharine. (Minor gripes include the omission of Michael, Walt, Eko, Ana Lucia, Miles and Lapidus from the round-up scene. And I know everyone loves Desmond, but what kind of lousy parent creates a "perfect" life and forgets to bring his kid along???)

All in all, it was terrific. Thanks for 6 great seasons that kept us guessing.

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UPennBen said...

I saw your comments on Nathan Bransford's forum and, while I'm not a member there, I wanted to congratulate you for being the only reasonable one. Lost was in no way sloppy writing as some suggested. Personally, I feel like most of the important mysteries were answered. For example, how unreasonable is it to assume that the Egyptians came to the island at some point and built a temple and statue as an effort to understand the island's magic? Everyone else did! Jacob explained it in last year's finale. Anyway, I think you're on the money.

Tahereh said...

mmm i'd totes comment on this but i got lost watching Lost after like, the first season.

though everyone else seems to be peed off about the ending?

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