So, there seem to be some questions...

Friday, January 25, 2013

... and luckily I have answers.

Yes, lame intros are my specialty - I'm thinking of trademarking them.

ARC's are done and shiny for ARCLIGHT (ARC//ARClight, you don't think this is coincidence, do you?) and the cover's been getting some attention, but it's also generated some questions. So, to that end:


It's my book, didn't we cover this like two years ago?

Oh... that's... not... what... you ..
(how embarrassing)

The Arclight is both a place and a thing, and most importantly, it's the major setting of the novel. (And, for those of you in larger cities, no - that setting is not a movie theater.)

Arclight: the novel, is a bit of sci-fi, with some thriller and mystery thrown in. It is, in places, dark and scary and sad and funny, and there's pie. Okay, not pie exactly, but there's cobbler. You like cobbler, don't you? We have cherry and apple, and you're welcome to a slice, but you should be aware that it's vitamin enhanced and likely tastes like Flinstone vitamin grape.

The other question has led to some interesting speculation on my Free Stuff post, so I'll address a bit of it here.

What are the FADE?

Well, the short answer is -- I can't tell you. It's a rather major spoiler, but going through the list of possibilities you guys have come up with, I can weed a few things out.

The Fade are not any of the usual supernatural thingies, so ditch the idea of:
  • vampires
  • were-critters
  • demons
  • ghosts
  • zombies or
  • shadow drinkers (though that's a freakin' cool idea...) 

And that's about all I can say without going into details I don't want to share before the book comes out.

3 Chiming In:

Unknown said...

Ok, so its either a mutation of a supernatural, a new type of supernatural or a supernatural that already existed in folklore but it wasn't mainstream. Either way... I am lost

Matthew MacNish said...

I'm pretty sure Arclight was the first book I ever heard you talking about, way back when we first met. I though it was three years ago, though.

Jerome Samson said...

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