Inside the Arclight #1

Monday, February 25, 2013

We're about two months out from ARCLIGHT's release date, and from what I've seen online there still seem to be some questions about the book. But that's okay - questions are a good thing.


The main character's name is Marina, and if you've seen the version of the blurb that mentions "the son of the man who died bringing her to safety," that character's name is Tobin. However, there's a typo in the ARC's of the novel, and twice he's called "Tobias." Which is understandable, considering that Tobias was the character's original name.

 ... until I found out that Four from Divergent is really named Tobias.

I spoke to my editor about the coincidence of that name, as well as another, overlapping from an established series, and asked her if it was okay for me to change the name in the novel to Tobin (Though it sounds like a minor change, there's a point in edits where you really can't alter much because it affects the formatting of the pages). She okayed the change, but unfortunately, when I did a global search/replace, I'd misspelled "Tobias" a couple of times, so the replace didn't take. My copyeditor caught the typo and fixed the spelling, so that it was correct for the character's original name, rather than the replacement.

So now you know. He began as a puppy and ended up a typo. And that's how characters are made.


(Also, I'm planning to resume the Writing Wednesday segment ASAP. Things got a bit off between the film rights announcement, and some stuff IRL, but I think the posts will be a lot more consistent, now. Fingers crossed, and we'll see what happens.)

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