Tiara Day!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

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I'll be the first to tell you, I'm no girly girl (though the influx of pink EVERYTHING onto the market is making me start to like the way said color looks... yipes!) Susan Adrian had a contest yesterday - Tiara Day - for a 50 word story including the words: "princess", "sparkly", and "tiara".

Tiara Day is a regular Friday occurrence that I usually only remember because agent Janet Reid's avatar on Twitter changes to a jewel crowned Shark (which is just awesome, btw. That's a fairy tale waiting to happen.) So, when Janet mentioned the contest in one of her tweets, I hopped over to Susan A's blog and entered something. We're supposed to find out by next week who won.

My entry:

The princess cut diamond sat loose on her finger. Sparkly and pink, it was the last bit of shimmer left from a vibrant life of color and fury. Fire made flesh, reduced to ashes. She was buried in her tiara, and when she arrived in heaven she outshone the sun.