Release Day!!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

3 Chiming In

Call Forth the Waves is the second book in The Celestine Series, continuing Penn's story as she seeks to reunite the members of her scattered circus family, discover the truth about her own existence, and find her missing father.

Excerpts are being featured on multiple blogs such as BrizzleLassBooks as part of a release day blog blitz.  

Here's the official blurb:

Earth, not so very long from now: the silent, inscrutable alien visitors who bathed the planet in transforming rains have moved on, leaving behind a world much changed.

Penn Roma, age sixteen, is blessed—or cursed—with supernatural talents she has always concealed. Her sisters, likewise afflicted, are prisoners of the Commission, the government agency tasked with controlling these strange children. Penn’s determination to save them only gains urgency when she learns of the horrifying plans the twisted Warden Dodge has for the peculiar charges.

But Penn herself must remain hidden, navigating a series of fantastical havens with her embattled allies, similarly enhanced teens also in the Commission’s crosshairs. Worse, her vast, half-understood powers have become unpredictable, failing at critical moments and activating outside of her control.
Can Penn trust a rogue warden, supposedly opposed to Dodge’s schemes, to help free her family…or has the Commission set its most nefarious trap yet?