Blogger the Terrible

Sunday, January 3, 2010

If I were a viking this would be my name. (If I were a Viking, I'd also be a foot taller and most likely blonde, but that's a different rant that I would be unable to make as a Viking because most Vikings are off having dinner at Valhalla and didn't speak English, so back to the blog...)

I've earned the name Blogger the Terrible because it's been almost two months since I posted a new entry. I even missed the perfect opportunity to turn myself around by making it a new year's resolution (unless I wait for Chinese new year and try and make this the year of the blog as well as the year of the ox, which could work I guess).

Once November hit, a few things aligned to keep me from blogging to mostly empty space. 1st, NaNo - I'm pretty sure I have a total of 50K, but not all on one book, so I disqualified myself. I can't turn off my internal editor and let myself write garbage no matter how hard I try. It's like trying not to sort my crayons by color as soon as I open the box - it's not gonna happen. Once I settled on NaNo - NoMo, the family tidal wave known as "the holdiays" hit. Vacation meant that I was suddenly not the only one who wanted my computer. Apparently writing is "playing" and someone else thought they could do just as much while busting brightly colored bricks on screen, so I was outsed. Once the TV found itself locked in the "on" position for weeks on end, it was time to give up on trying to think of anything other than the questionable dialogue on screen.

Yes, those are excuses. Deal with it. :-P

So, now that it's the end of Christmas break, I have the opportunity to reclaim my computer chair and try to hammer out those last 30K or so to finish my current favorite WIP. YAY *tosses confetti*

Hopefully, I won't be Blogger the Terrible for very long (it was horrible to come over here and discover I'd missed a comment from my favorite shark.)


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Terry Towery said...

Welcome back, Josin. I saw the comment from Janet and wondered how long it would take for you to respond.
If you haven't queried her, I'd do it pronto! She sounds interested in your writing. ;)

k m kelly said...

Welcome back and good luck on the 30,000. I thought I was the only one in the world who sorted every brand new crayon box. It starts with black on the top left hand side and ends with deep red in the bottom right hand slot. Also, NaNoWriMo about drove me nuts. I cannot pound out drivel, knowing it's drivel, and go on. Drives me nuts.
I'm not trying to identify with you, particularly, but maybe, like me, you need to know you aren't the only one in the world who thinks the way you do.
I'm still irked that Nathan's readers didn't choose you for first place. Oh well. The other guy was good - I just didn't appreciate his choice of language. I respect you and yours.
Have a wonderful 2010. I hope it's lucrative.

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