Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Comments are better than lithium for lifting a mood. (Not that I've ever taken lithium to lift my mood, but that's what it does, right?)

I watched Julie and Julia, and one scene in particular struck me. It's her first entry on the "Julie and Julia Project" where she acknowledges that she's pretty much talking to herself, for herself. Then the next day she gets a comment... from her mother, telling her she's wasting her time and to stop blogging.

(Okay, that's two scenes, but they're about the same thing.)

I just have to say, it's a great feeling to have people comment on posts here. When anyone starts one of these blogs, they're talking to dead air and have no reason to expect that to ever change. Unless the person in question is a celebrity of some kind there's really no expectation that anyone would ever take interest in the ramblings of some random person on a free site. Seeing any number other than (0) beside the comment count is a surprise to me - a HAPPY one - and I'm grateful to those of you who have taken time to comment here. My highest count so far is (5), but every one of them is like an individual shot of adrenaline.

Will I ever get to the point that I'm getting 50+ per entry? Who knows? If I do, then that'll be a day I'm very hyper and my family will wonder what's gotten into me, I'm sure. And if my post the next day is slightly incoherent, then you'll all know you helped contribute to my lunacy. :-P

Thank you.

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ann foxlee said...

Heh. I watched that scene in J&J, and I had the same reaction-- "I know EXACTLY how that feels!"

I check my blog waaaaay too much during work. And since I'm self-employed that just means I have to stay late to finish my crap before I can go home :-(
Which means I am eating into my writing time...

If people would just comment so much that it wasn't an exciting surprise anymore, I might quit spending my writing time wondering if I got a new follower or a new comment, lol!

Terry Towery said...

Here's another little shot of adrenaline for you. If you get too dizzy, be sure to sit down.

I feel the same way about blog comments. Sometimes, I can barely get my own family to comment on my blog. But I have a couple of regulars who pop in and surprise the hell out of me. I love it.

So, you know, if you want to stop by sometime (again) and repay the favor, then, you know, go for it.

Or not. ;)

Kayeleen said...

I'll add to your comment coma. I've seen the comments you post on various blogs and really appreciate your insights. Also, your winning entry on Natalie's blog was great! So, I'm going to follow you. Mostly, I think it will be stalking, but you never know. I might have something worthwhile to contribute every once in a while.

Donna Hole said...

Always willing to lift a spirit with a comment.

You have interesting blog topics Josin. Keep up the good work and the comments will grow.


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