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Monday, April 25, 2011

Agents Suzie Townsend (Fine Print) and Joanna Volpe (Nancy Coffee) have a new feature on "Confessions from Suite 500", called "First Page Shooter". Basically, you send them the first 250 words of your WIP or finished MS, according to their side bar instructions (says the girl who had to resend because she screwed them up...) and they pick out entries to workshop on the blog.

The idea is to give writers an idea how agents read those all important first pages, and why they do - or don't - continue reading past them. It's an awesome feature on an awesome blog, and if you aren't already following "Confessions", you should be.

Today, Suzie put my first page up.

A confirmation form-letter goes out when they pick your page, letting you know when your page will be on the blog, and I've been nothing but nerves since I got the e-mail. I was practically dancing this morning when I read Suzie's response to my page.

Click the link if you'd like to read it, or even if you'd just like to see how First Page Shooter works and submit something yourself.

(BTW - Yes, I took my first page tabs off the top of the blog. It occurred to me that having "non-final" first pages might not be the best representation of my work.)

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Lori M. Lee said...

I read that and knew it was yours b/c I had read it on your blog =P Congrats!

Angelica R. Jackson said...

Okay, I was blown away by your query on Query Shark. It had such impact!

And of course, the worry in the back of the reader's mind is that the pages inside the book don't measure up to the blurb on the back of the book.

Based on your first page, I am no longer concerned! So much voice and tone in this section, and yet you also have pretty sentences. Big time envy on my part.

Also want to ask: Why the fuck hasn't an agent snapped you up yet????????

Kayeleen Hamblin said...

I thought that was you. Is that the same story the shark requested pages from QueryShark? You are getting some amazing feedback from people. That's awesome!

Charity Bradford said...

Echo of Lori Lee! I knew it was yours and fairly danced in my seat with joy for you. I also kept wanting to answer her questions. :)

Josin L. McQuein said...

Thanks guys :)

(Angelica, I'm on the Query-Go-Round at the moment, so hopefully, I'll be able to post I have an agent soon.)

(Kayleen, yes, that's the same one that QS had on her blog.)

Kimberly said...

OMGosh, that first page is so awesome! I can't wait to buy the book!

(New follower) :)

Punya said...

Congratulations! The gushing must be a good thing, right? ;D Good luck with the querying!

Simon Hay said...

Josin, I don't think you'll have long to wait for an agent. I saw your query on QS and loved it. I love the first line and I originally had something similar in a YA project I'm working on. I'm agreeing with everyone else - awesome first page.

Anonymous said...

I hate YA, vampires, and anything vaguely to do with teenage revenge, love, hate whatever it is that teenagers do between bouts of general angst...but damn your first two hundred and fifty words on First Page Shooter are tight and clean and your query on QS is a killer.

Count me in as a follower and good luck with your evolution into writerdom.

angelarene said...

Excellent first page Josin!! Good luck on the Query-Go-Round and I'm happy to be one of your newest followers :)

Anonymous said...

It's a fantastic first page. Congrats! I remember reading your query on Query Shark and I thought it was amazing :)

Kaite said...

I saw your first page on first page shooter - it was amazing!! Congrats on the great reviews!

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