Yes, I have a new agent

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I didn't really think that this would require a post, but from the questions I've gotten, I think I need to make one. In short:

  • Yes - I left my old agency.
  • Yes - I have a new agent.
  • No - there is not some super sekrit nefarious reason this happened.
  • Yes - I still recommend Suzie to people who are querying YA. She's a terrific agent who got me two amazing deals with amazing publishers, and did it quickly.

The split was amicable; it happens.

When a writer signs on with an agent, and an agent signs on with a client, both are basically agreeing to work with a stranger. You don't know how work styles, writing styles, and personalities will mesh. Sometimes they don't dovetail. Sometimes, as situations change, a mutual walk-away is the best course of action for everyone.

I have a fabulous new agent - Laura Rennert from Andrea Brown Lit.

Suzie has fabulous new clients to go with her fabulous existing ones. (One has a book out today - just sayin'.) and will continue to make them fabulous deals.

End of story.

make me put on my angry eyes.

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Amanda Borenstadt said...

Congratulations on getting a new agent. :)

Bethany Elizabeth said...

Well, congrats on the new agent! And it's good that it was an amicable split, much better than trying to force something that doesn't mesh quite as well. :)

Kalen O'Donnell said...

That's so boring.

I'm gonna go now, and when I come back, I expect a sordid tale of drama, betrayal and maybe a murder or something. I'd at least like to see a phone being thrown at the wall in a fit of rage, for starters.

You have one hour. The clock is ticking.

(No but seriously, yay Suzie. Yay Laura. Yay you. Yay everyone!)

Michael Seese said...

Good luck. Sometimes a change in direction is for the better.

Cherie Reich said...


Dracula said...

Some of us are in the middle of querying YA, you know. Some of us don't have agents yet. This process is difficult enough without encountering unforeseen but preventable drama surrounding a possible agent. Maybe we didn't want to know about your drama. Maybe we just want to know whether you'd had a problem agent. Why in the world would that make you angry?

Josin L. McQuein said...


"Was there a problem?" isn't what makes me pull out the angry eyes. Those inquiries I can answer easily and without issue.

Requests for gossip and Twitter-fodder based on assumed drama that never existed are another matter.

I'll answer legit questions, either here or by email, but I'd rather those question remain the information-gathering sort.

Caryn Caldwell said...

Congratulations on your new agent! It must be so hard to start over again, but it sounds like it worked out well for everyone involved. It kind of sounds like some relationships where both the boy and the girl are wonderful people, but they just don't work together - with other people, though, everything's almost perfect. I hope that's the case for you.

Anonymous said...

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