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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Since the cover for Premeditated went up here and at Goodreads, I've gotten several requests for ARCs/swag from bloggers and reviewers. I'm not complaining, but enough requests have come in that I'm just going to put this here:

I don't have any ARCs, yet.

I'm sorry, and I feel horrible every time I have to tell someone that because I'd love to be able to hand you a copy, but they haven't been printed.

I don't have any swag or promotional materials, either. Not yet.

The book's due out next October, and as far as I know, the publicity-related stuff will go into motion three or four months before that, so it'll be at least next summer before I have anything to give away for Premeditated.

Arclight, likewise, has no ARC's, yet, but the wait for those won't be as long.

So, once again, I'm sorry, but I can't give anyone anything pertaining to Arclight or Premeditated, yet. I simply don't have it. I truly am grateful for the interest, however, and will let everyone know when I've got some goodies to distribute as soon as I get them.

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Bryan Russell said...

Maybe you could just sign my dragon egg...

Josin L. McQuein said...

Very funny, mister. Everyone knows that if you sign a dragon's egg, you're the first one it torches when it hatches.

(Also, I'm fairly certain that the signage of dragon eggs is prohibited by 67 1/2 international wildlife treaties.)

(Also, that may be imaginary wildlife treaties, not international.)

Michael Seese said...

I think it was Tom Petty who said, "The waiting is the hardest part."

Jessica Schley said...

I'm just hoping that Greenwillow sees fit to drop some ARCs to us at B&N. The HC imprints are one of our biggest suppliers of ARCs.

And since your other book is with Random House, I'll get an e-ARC of that. Thanks for publishing with houses that feed right into my greedy little bookseller hands. :) I promise to leave you some detailed reviews and to handsell like it's my job.

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