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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A bit redundant, as this is my blog, and it's all about ME ME ME!!!!!! (Okay, not really. It's only mostly about me. :-P )

Since this whole publishing thing-a-ma-jobbie is all new and shiny to me, I choose to operate under the assumption (assumption / delusion - meh, whatever) that everyone else gets as excited about the milestones as I do. So, it's with much happy dancing that I announce:


It's all shiny and official with a sales rank and everything. (btw, writers, if you want to drive yourself insane and waste valuable writing time, discover that your as yet unpublished book has a sales rank and then obsess about watching it yo-yo throughout the day)

Here it is on Amazon: LINK

Here it is on Barnes & Noble: LINK

I haven't seen it on Indie Bound, yet, but I'll add it to the sidebar as soon as it shows up.

The links take you to the hardback, but both have a click-over link to the ebook.

Also, it's here, which is the HarperCollins catalog for next summer. Take a minute and browse their upcoming titles; there's a lot of good stuff coming up.

/sales pitch

6 Chiming In:

Bryan Russell said...

I actually got an email from Amazon today, saying "If you're looking for teen fantasy books, check out these titles..." Followed by a linky to Arclight (and some other book I ignored). Kind awesome.

Bryan Russell said...

Kind of awesome, that is. Which mankes much more sense.

Josin L. McQuein said...

Very, very awesome!

Stephsco said...

Very cool! I started following your blog before you had a book deal, and I really like seeing the process through someone else. So thanks for sharing!

Michael Seese said...

No shame whatsoever.

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