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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

It's a dreaded question if you write sci-fi or fantasy, because what you want to say is "It's like nothing you've seen before."  And that's just not a very good answer. People usually want something familiar, or at least tangible, that they can connect to - even in a setting that's totally different from what they're used to. You need a sort of touchstone to ground your readers in the world you've created. But, if you've created a new world, then how do you give them that?

If you're lucky, you go trawling on Deviant Art and find something that fits your creation so perfectly that you're compelled to share it. To that end, I give you this: 

This is an image called "My Immortal" by bottomofastairwell (LINK) who was gracious enough to give me permission to repost the image here.

This image IS Arclight, guys. It just is. The clothes are wrong, but the effect on the guy's back... so perfect you won't even understand why until you read the novel. (You ARE planning on reading the novel, yes? Good, then we can still be friend and I won't have to write unpleasant demises for any of you into upcoming novel-things.) The girl, to a certain extent, is even perfect.

I saw this picture and actually emailed it to my editor. It's that accurate.

Just stare at it for a while and know that in a few months, you get to read this picture... I mean Arclight. :-P

And for those of you who've asked, later this month I'll be showing off the shiny (very shiny) cover for Arclight. I'm not sure the exact date I'm allowed to post it here, but it should be in a couple of weeks.

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Michael Seese said...

That really had to be an amazing feeling: to find a picture and say, "Yes. That's it."

Charity Bradford said...

Amazing picture! And I'm jealous. I'm still looking for the perfect picture of Landry to use in my book trailer. Everything else is ready to go, but he is too elusive. *sigh*

I haunt deviant art, but sometimes I can't get a hold of the artist to get permission. I'm really glad you found not only the perfect picture, but one with an active creator. ;)

Marsha Sigman said...

That is stunning. It's so awesome to check back over here after a few months and see all this good news of yours! I have to get out more...ha

Bryan Russell said...

Okay, those are kind of awesome wings.

Bryan Russell said...

Also, have I ever remembered to tell you that I love your title? I'm a sucker for a great title.

Josin L. McQuein said...

Nooooooooooo! Don't call them wings :-P

It's the effect I like - the breaking up in the light, not the shape. I promise that there are absolutely no wings in this novel except the sort that are attached to birds.

(And I love my title, too :D )

Matthew MacNish said...

Looking forward to it!

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