Dance a Dream

Monday, February 14, 2011

Today is a little less Silversteinish, but still a good day for little poems and simple sketches. (The slightly monkey-faced munchkin is actually me from when I was three.)

So, in honor of those who need no fancy toys or video games to "find" something to entertain themselves:


Dance a Dream

Today I want to dance a dream

Open a window and ride on the rain

To catch a butterfly and fly to Saturn

And waltz on the rings in a star dust gown.

Today I want to munch a dream

Dive off my spoon and splash in my bowl

To brave sugary currents on chocolaty rings

And swim with marshmallow bears.

Today I want to gaze a dream

Slide down a rainbow and run through the sun

To fall with the snow in a balloon made of ice

And bounce on thundering clouds.

Today I want to dare a dream

Go on adventures in far away places

To spin on my globe and meet friends where it stops

And see things that I’ve never seen.

Today I want to play a dream

Visit a dream-house and drive my doll’s car

To swim with my fish in his big shiny bowl

And grow in my garden of flowers

Today I want to draw a dream

Climb on my pencil and gallop away

To paint all my fingers and all of my toes

And splash in watercolor puddles.

Tonight I want to dream a dream

Fly among stars with a cape made of wind

To wander and wonder in a colorful place

And play with my friends until dawn

Copyright -- Josin L. McQuein -- 2011

7 Chiming In:

Michael Offutt, Phantom Reader said...

Beautiful poem. Thank you for sharing it.

Punya said...

That's a beautiful poem...and a kick ass piece of art. You're so multitalented that I can feel myself turning green.

Lisa Aldin said...


Josin L. McQuein said...

Thank you. :-)

I'm glad you like the kidlet poems. They're fun.

Lori M. Lee said...

Lovely poem and a beautiful drawing.

Robyn Lucas said...

You are so talented. Good luck on your MS revision!

Unknown said...

What a beautiful poem. Mr. Silverstein would be proud ;-)

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