Arclight Recap #3

Thursday, May 8, 2014


Next up in my pre-Meridian Arclight primer, is the human, male main character -- Tobin.

Tobin did not start off as an easy guy to like when Arclight started. In fact, Marina was fairly certain he hated her, but in his mind, he had good reason. She cost him his father, the only parent he had left. 

Ironically, when things got dangerous, his father was the same reason that Tobin jumped to Marina's defense. He knew that's what his dad would have done, and he wasn't about to lose Marina after his dad fought so hard to bring her safely into the Arclight. That grudging alliance transitioned into necessary trust, and then began to deepen into something more.

In Meridian, Tobin is the first voice you'll hear as a reader. About a quarter of the chapters are from his POV, allowing you to see some places and occurrences that Marina's not a part of, as well as giving you insight into what he really thinks about people - both Fade and human. I've not done this before, but the second POV was added in edits, so we'll see how it works.

His temper and reckless streak are still causing him problems, but both are under-girded by a fierce loyalty to his friends and family that make him a force to be reckoned with if either comes under attack. And when it comes down it, that protective reflect just might extend to a person or two he never believed he'd choose to save.

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