Arclight Recap #9

Thursday, May 22, 2014

THE ADULTS - part 2

Moving on from the Honoria Whit and Mr. Pace, we come to the last few adults featured regularly in both Arclight and Meridian.

Col. Lutrell

 In Arclight, the colonel is the father Tobin refuses to give up on. He's the facility's head of security, and the man who made the final decision to have Mr. Pace shuttle Marina inside while the rest of those who went in search of her stayed behind to guard their escape. He's later found living in the Fade settlement outside human territory, having been saved by the Fade from the injuries he acquired in the fight over Marina. The process of healing him has left his eyes silver, making him appear Fade-touched to those who don't know him

In Meridian, that silver hasn't abated - a fact which still causes friction between him and Tobin. Only, now Tobin's fears have shifted more to whether people will ostracize his father for no reason. Also, with Honoria locked down in the lower levels, the colonel's responsibilities as a community leader have increased.

Like the other adults, Col. Lutrell has been keeping secrets that he believes will protect his family, only to have them exposed under the worst of circumstances.
Lt. Sykes

Not often shown in Arclight, the lieutenant is a young officer who rarely finds the nerve to speak back at his superiors. He's given orders; he follows them. Simple enough, only nothing's ever actually simple inside the Arclight.

In Meridian, we find that his past and the others are intertwined in unique ways - none more so that Honoria's.

Dr. Wolff

The facility's main physician, Dr. Wolff is the man responsible for keeping Marina in the dark about her true origins throughout Arclight. This has caused Marina not to trust him completely now that she knows the truth about the process used to turn her human. He's an older man with a subtle authority that he rarely exercises, except at times where a cool head is needed for intervention.

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