Arclight Recap #6

Wednesday, May 14, 2014


The faithful friend. 

Claustrophobic and given to speaking far too quickly, Anne-Marie is also fierce and brave, willing to risk her own safety to protect those she cares about. In Arclight, it was Anne-Marie who first approached Marina when no one else dared. She was the one who stuck with her, keeping Marina from being completely isolated. When Marina was assumed kidnapped by the Fade, Anne-Marie was the one who followed, despite her own fears, so that Tobin wouldn't be on his own against the Dark. Despite a lifetime of programming, she was the one who led the rest of her classmates to bring down the Arc and let the Fade inside.

She's a mix of optimist and pessimist, hyper-active and calm, and all she really wants out of life is to become a teacher like her father. And there's no one better to have watching your back.

In Meridian, she's well on her way to achieving the life she's worked for, still living it with her unique "big picture" view of the world. A view that means she makes some decisions that might not make sense to her friends in the short-term. And when not only her friends, but her family, are threatened, she has to make a few that might not even make sense to her. The fallout from those decisions will change the course of her life and make her question everything she ever believed about herself.

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