Arclight Recap #4

Friday, May 9, 2014


Continuing on with the Arclight recap in preparation for Meridian's release this month, we come to the other male main character - the decidedly not human Rue.

First off, Rue is not actually his name, because as someone who was born in a Fade body, he doesn't have the kind of name that can be spoken in human terms. The Fade - all of the Dark, really - are a hive mind, so his name is a series of associations and impressions having to do with his relationship to the Dark and those in it. Marina named him "Rue" because he told her he was "Rueful." He was attempting an apology, but as it was the first concrete word she had to attach to him, it stuck.

What can you say about Rue as a character? He's fierce, and loyal, and has a sense of life that's not necessarily optimistic, but certain. He believes that things are set into a specific order, and does everything he can to maintain that order.

A big part of that order is a Fade-girl he refers to as Cherish. She was captured by the humans in the Arclight, and he's willing to move heaven and earth to get her back. Unfortunately, it's not heaven or earth standing in his way - it's biology. Cherish has been fundamentally altered, becoming human against her will, and now existing in a form that can't survive in the Dark or among the Fade as she did before.

Going into Meridian, we find that while it appeared Rue bowed out at the end of Arclight, that's not necessarily the case. Likewise, Cherish isn't as "gone" as Marina thought her to be. Rue isn't the type to give up, and when a new danger appears on the horizon, he's right there by Marina's side, still ready to fight for what he believes in.

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