Sing Down the Stars: Golems

Wednesday, September 16, 2015


My Preciousssss...

Er... no... that's Gollum. I'm talking about golems. Normally a clay figurine or clay man brought to life by magic, the golems of The Show are elemental creatures spawned by "The Daughters of Magnus Roma" as part of their act.With exceptional skill and concentration, each of Penn's sisters can hone her given element into a living, breathing representation of an animal that also serves as an extension of her personality.

Evie creates "Samson," a dog built entirely of flames. Unlike most of her sisters' creations, Samson is hugely disproportionate to a living dog, rising shoulder-high, even when sitting. He doubles as a deterrant when the girls have to mingle with the crowd; no one's going to get too close to a fire dog!

Nim has her water dolphins, which perform tricks during the sisters' act, but also serve as fire control in case Samson gets a little out of hand. Each Show ends with a spectacular bonfire, and it's always a good idea to have a back-up.

Anise's golem is a Kodiak bear made of dust and stone. It's huge, but deceptively fast, and during the Show, Anise uses it to entertain children by having it break into a set of bear cubs.

Vesper's owls are fairly straightforward. Aerial acrobats, to match someone who controls wind.

To the outside world, these seemingly impossible creatures are entertainment, but they're also weapons that each young woman can wield in defense of herself or her family and home. To that end, their father Magnus has created his own versions, made from metal, gears and circuits.

One of the most popular attractions at The Show is "The Mechnagerie," a classic side-show attraction filled with mythological beasts like gryphons, dragons, and unicorns, all crafted by Magnus Roma himself. These, too, seem innocuous to the pubic at large. They're next generation animatronics meant to thrill the kids who line up to see them, but when disaster strikes, they prove there's more to their mettle than metal...

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