Sing Down the Stars: Warden Arcineaux

Friday, September 25, 2015

So in the last post, I introduced you to Warden Nye, the man doggedly pursing Penn and her friends. There's no question that he's dangerous and manipulative, but that doesn't mean he's the biggest, baddest threat there is, because there's another warden in the mix, one so terrible and feared that he's known as poison to those who've encountered him.

Meet Warden Arsenic... I mean Arcineaux.

A small, blocky man with the appearance and charm of a gargoyle, Arcineaux is ruled by pride and ambition. He believes he's destined for bigger and better things than running a single outpost for the Commission, and he's not the sort to let things like humanity or compassion get in the way of that destiny.

To Penn's horror, she discovers that there are monsters in the world beyond the mechanical wonders her father built to entertain the patrons of their circus. Human monsters that can bleed, but they can also injure. They can cause pain, and they can kill, and the worst of them enjoy it. They don't see people like her as human beings, but as tools, advantages and weapons to be caged and wielded at will.

Everyone seems to fear this man from the moment they meet him - with the exception of his nemesis Warden Nye. Both men have their sights set on controlling a new secret facility built by the Commission, but worse they both want Penn and her friends, and they're willing to do anything to get them.

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