Sing Down the Stars: The Wardens

Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Wardens

So, what's a planet to do when aliens hang out in the sky for a year and then leave with no apparent agenda? Well, first they panic.

Think about it. If weird jellyfish-looking things completely surrounded the planet, cutting off most of the satellite access, which in turn blocks Internet, TV and cell-signals so that you couldn't get much news of what was happening, the situation would look pretty grim. And what would an international coalition of world leaders do in the face of such widespread panic? They'd... launch a commission to investigate the matter.

That's what happens when top-level folks can't agree. They hire people to gather information, and that's where The Warden's Commission comes in.

"Warden" is an a occupation as well as a title, but the Commission is supposed to be a civilian organization. Just like the wardens are supposed to keep busy studying whatever residual evidence they can find from the off-worlders' visit. They're supposed to use that evidence to devise ways to protect planet Earth in case the silent visitors were only a first, scouting wave sent in advance of something more sinister.

Having a Warden's station in a city makes people feel safe, but as anyone from a circus like The Show could tell you - safety is often an illusion.

Like many autonomous groups with big budgets and little oversight, there are rumors that the Wardens Commission have reset their own parameters. Is it possible that they're using their considerable power and resources to investigate the so-called urban legends of "touched" children? Is it possible that the reason no one ever really gets to see one of these girls use their abilities is because the Wardens got to them first?

Surely someone would have noticed... but that's tomorrow's post.

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