Sing Down the Stars: Magnus Roma

Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Magnus Roma is the father of the main character, and the proprietor of The Show.

A brilliant man, he's leveraged his skill with inventions and machines to buy leeway with the Warden's Commission. So long as he provides them with the newest tech off his draft board, they pretend not to notice that his four eldest children are hiding in plain sight, using their elemental abilities to entertain the masses. And he's gone to great lengths to ensure that The Show is so well known, it or its performers couldn't disappear from the public eye without stirring up questions.

This plan works well, until something changes just before Penn's sixteenth birthday. Magnus panics, and then he disappears, leaving his family and The Show to fend for themselves... or maybe not. Magnus' children have always known that the greatest weapon at their disposal is their father's cunning. He's left a few surprises for the Commission, and a some clues for his children. The only question is whether or not his preparations will be enough.

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