Arclight... #14

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Arclight now feels like a real series because book 2 has an official name!!!


I love the name. It was one of my alternative titles that I had in reserve for Arclight, if the publisher had wanted to change that one, and now I get to use both of them - YAY!

The story picks up a short time after the end of book 1, and starts a new adventure for the characters that I won't go into here because it would spoil book 1 to hear it. But, suffice to say, the name is a reference to, not only the line between light and dark, but a few "point of no return" crossings on the horizon.

2 Chiming In:

ChrissyB said...

AHH! When does it come out? I loved Arclight and I am so excited to hear more about Marina and Tobin, and hopefully Rue, too!

Jerome Samson said...

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