Arclight ... #16

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

** Arclight has a Cold Start **

Not sedate - cold, like jumping into a frozen lake wearing nothing but skin.

I know not everyone likes to be dropped into the middle of the action without any background information, but I chose not to have a prologue primer on the world Arclight's set in. It felt like cheating, considering that such a prologue would mean stepping out of the narrator's POV to accomplish. Marina's kind of adrift at the beginning of the story, and I wanted the readers to feel that, too, and feeling slightly out of step and out of control is part of it.

But, if you hang on for the ride, the chaos will settle into something more familiar as Marina starts finding her own path and her own way. By the time you get to the next action scene, you'll be a lot more grounded.

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