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Friday, April 5, 2013

**Arclight is NOT about vampires**

I've said it before, but it bears repeating. ARCLIGHT IS NOT ABOUT VAMPIRES.

Yes, the Fade like darkness, and yes sunlight can injure them, but THEY ARE NOT VAMPIRES. They don't drink blood; they don't sleep in coffins; they don't sparkle profusely while stalking teenage girls through Pacific-northwestern high schools.

There are no zombies, no demons, no fallen angels, no ghouls, and no borrowed Dr. Who plots.

The Fade are not your typical supernatural creature at all. What they are is creepy in the sense of a sinister fog that rolls out until it's so thick you can't see anything. They're disorienting. They're chilling. They're unstoppable. They move as a horde, only pulling back to stay out of the light.

They're a breath on the back of your neck, and the feeling that you're being followed. They're the whisper in the night that makes you wonder if someone's there, and they're the shadow on the wall that isn't yours. You might hear one, but you won't see it unless it wants to be seen. And once they've claimed a person or a place, they never let it go.

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Jenny said...

This post about the Fade made the need to read Arclight increase. Why can't April 23 come FASTER???
In all seriousness though, the Fade sound like no other creature in the YA book market and completely terrifying. I love them!

Jerome Samson said...

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