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Monday, April 15, 2013

**Arclight is About Survival**

Not surprising, since most post-apocalyptic stories have survival aspects to them, but I mean more than physical survival against bad odds.

When faced with something truly daunting, the person going through it doesn't always emerge victorious. And if they do, it's often with fundamental changes to who and what they are. These changes can be for the better or worse, depending on where the person's breaking point is, and what happens to them once they've reached it.

There are some tough decisions facing the characters in ARCLIGHT, and there are some tough consequences.
Survival in this world depends on staying in the light. The sun still exists, but for most of the world, it doesn't matter because that light is blocked.That's where Marina comes in, because she's the only one ever known to have survived traveling through that blocked area. She's assumed to be the last of not only her family, but also of her settlement, because no one else made it through the darkness with her.

She knows that if she returns to the Dark, she's making a suicide run, but she also knows that if anything remains of her family, the Dark is where she'll find out what happened to them. And she knows that the longer she stays inside the light, the more danger she poses for those who rescued her.

It's no easier for those around her.

The Arclight's leaders know that bringing Marina inside puts all of their loved ones at risk, but they also believe that there's a bigger picture to be seen. If one can survive the darkness, then there's no reason others can't do the same.

There's no free pass in these situations. Survival always comes at a cost - the only question is whether or not it's one you can pay.

What would you do to survive? What would you risk to make sure your friends, family, world, etc. did, too? What part of yourself are you willing to compromise, and is it worth it, if you're not still you after you have?

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