Arclight... #19

Friday, April 19, 2013

**Arclight has SMOOCHIES!**

"You know what... new tactic." I shovel the mess of pages, plus the six inch stack of paper work on the teacher's desk into the open drawer and slam it shut. It takes both of is to latch it. "I say we torch it and claim it all got lost in the chaos."
I face Tobin, and that same jolt goes off like a shock in my chest. I have the sudden desire to look away, but I can't seem to remember how to make my head turn.
Tobin licks his lips. I watch the muscles in his throat as he swallows.
My heels lift off the ground until my weight's on my toes, expectant and strangely hesitant. It's not fear... not exactly, but I'm not quite comfortable with my body remembering how to do something my conscious mind's forgotten.
Every breath draws the scent of him in like oxygen, and then...

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