Arclight... #22

Monday, April 22, 2013

** Arclight has SCARIES!!!**

Eyes appear beside me and before me as I run, shining silver-blue. Fluid faces shift in and out of focus, on even level with my own, then disappear to reform lower, near the ground. I nearly trip on my own feet to stop myself from trampling them.

I dart through a gap in the brush, certain that my leg is ready to quit on me.

For half-a-second, multiple versions of my own face peer back at me, as the Fade try and recreate my features, and I turn away again. Shimmer lines solidify, creating a ghostly barrier of bodies between me and any possible escape route. I can only go where they’ll let me.

Oh God… I’m being herded.

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I'm Tri-ing said...
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I'm Tri-ing said...

Hey, Kiddo!
Arclight is like a flame to a moth. I was so drawn in to this action packed, thought provoking, well told tale that I read it straight through.

Come on folks! Don't let this post Fade! (Sorry, couldn't help it. ;)

Jerome Samson said...

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