Arclight... #20

Saturday, April 20, 2013

** Arclight has SILLIES!!!**

"Oops" is not a smart choice of words. In fact, from the look on Anne-Marie's face, "oops" may qualify as the single worst thing that's ever come out of Tobin’s mouth.
"Wait a minute, Annie. Calm down..."
"Duck and cover?" I ask.
"Quickly," Dante says, right before Anne-Marie picks up the can of black paint and tips it over Tobin’s head.
Tobin jabs at her with his paintbrush, leaving a large splotch on her uniform, and she reaches for the closest thing she can get her hands on. She sloshes orange chair paint in Tobin’s direction, but misses wide, hitting one of the younger boys instead.
"Hey!" The boy whose face is now half orange flings the blue paint he's still got in his hand.

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