Arclight... #18

Thursday, April 18, 2013

**Arclight has ACTION!**

Lots of it, in fact - like this passage:

"If we have to run, go limp," Tobin says. "I can carry you faster than you can move on your own."
Before I can protest that I don't need to be carried, Tobin gasps, lurching forward as though someone’s shoved him. The force cascades through our chain of hands. Elbows and knees hit hard on the ground, and the yelps that come after are followed by frantic shushing.
"They're through!" Mr. Pace shouts behind us.
At first, I think he's saying everyone's out of the room, but when he empties a cartridge into thin air, I realize he isn't speaking to us at all. The Fade have broken in.
We’re dead.
"Move! Move! Move!" Lt. Sykes’ high and nasal voice shouts somewhere in the blackout.
Everything goes to pieces. We've only ever marched in silence with no real sense of urgency or danger. Now we're a hive mind with a massive case of brain freeze. All our drills mean nothing, especially for the youngest children who spill out of the rooms on either side of ours, calling for their parents and crying “Fade!” when they run into us because they can’t see to know we aren’t the enemy. 
Their voices are swallowed up by louder sounds as the corridor erupts with gunfire and something that is in no way human.

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Jenny said...

This passage, as well as the opening, are AMAZING. Marina seems like a great and likeable MC, though I would like to see more of Tobin (hint, hint). Congratulations on your almost-book-birthday and I can't wait to read ARCLIGHT!

Josin L. McQuein said...

Hint taken.

There's plenty of Tobin in the rest of the story. ;-)

Jerome Samson said...

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